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Four Year Old
Funded Kindergarten

The formal funded Four Year Old Kindergarten commences from 9:00am each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday within the Long Day Care day.

The Kindergarten Program provides an excellent transition for children into school life, commencing with preparation for Prep, where your child is given a positive start to formal schooling.

The benefits of Kinder include:

  • Affordable, accessible cost structure to support families
  • Modelling and establishing Christian values for young children in this vital stage of their education.
  • Children enjoy a gentle transition into the education process
  • It increases your child’s ability to achieve success in Prep
  • The development of positive relationships with your child’s peers, ‘buddies’ and teachers
  • Gaining knowledge of the layout and the routines of the school, so that commencing Prep becomes an exciting and happy transition for children

While the Kinder program is predominantly play-based, children also participate in:

  • Further development in phonological awareness and Literacy
  • Further development in Mathematics – numbers, patterns, sorting, days of the week, months of  the year, etc.
  • Gross motor skills development, e.g. ball skills, skipping, balancing and climbing
  • Fine motor skills development, e.g. writing, drawing, cutting, arts and craft
  • School Services involving singing, Bible stories, prayer, singing the National Anthem and raising the Australian flag
  • Performances, include singing, dance, actions, costumes and instruments
  • Incursions and Excursions, eg. Kinder at Cooinda, Thingle Toodle Road Safety, Smiles 4 Miles program, Responsible Pet Ownership

The children attend classes alongside the mainstream primary classes and participate in weekly School Services and performances at the end of the first and third terms.

Your child must be four years old by 30th April to qualify for the Funded Kindergarten Program.

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